CSE 309

Course Code: CSE 309
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Data Communication and computer Networking
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OSI and TCP/IP reference models. Physical Layer: Transmission media characteristics: Guided transmission media, Wireless transmission, Public Switched Telephone Network, ISDN, ATM and Communication Satellites. Switching- circuit message and packet, data communication principles – asynchronous and synchronous. Data Link Layer: Framing, Flow & error control, Error detection & correction, Data link protocols. MAC sublayer: Channel allocation problem, Multiple Access protocols, Ethernet, Switching Devices, Wireless LAN, Broadband wireless. Network Layer: Deign issues, Routing Algorithms, Congestion Control algorithms, Internetworking and Internet. Transport Layer: The transport services, Elements of transport Protocols, Introduction to UDP & TCP. Application Layer: Basics of DNS, Email, Web services and introduction to network security. The course includes lab works based on theory taught.