sumon-rahmanWelcome to the website of the Office of Faculty Research of ULAB! It is my pleasure to introduce you the functions of this office.

OFR is committed to the continuing and sustainable development of the research infrastructure at ULAB. The office was established under the visionary leadership of Professor Brian Shoesmith in 2010 and I became his successor in 2016. Professor Shoesmith initiated the Faculty Research Grant scheme at ULAB during his time which was and has been an exemplary case among Bangladeshi universities till date. OFR under my supervision continues this culture along with extends the scope of the office in order to provide the ULAB faculty several other services and resources. I hope this website would guide you in understanding the scope of this office and its services.

Din M Sumon Rahman, PhD
Professor and Director

Office of Faculty Research (OFR) is the designated office at ULAB which is committed to develop the scholarship of faculty through research. In doing so, OFR is envisioned to develop an enabling and sustainable research infrastructure at ULAB which is at the core of ULAB’s mission, vision and guiding principle. The main objective of the OFR is to mentor faculty across disciplines on the rigors of writing research proposals, collecting and processing data, writing of research report and publishable research articles in refereed journals from the research projects they undertake with financial support from within and outside of the University. The center is also mandated to offer opportunity and encourage faculty in all academic units to participate in collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects, locally and internationally.

Being a liberal arts university, ULAB encourages its faculty to produce body of original knowledge on:

  1. Human impacts of and innovations in engineering, business practice, entrepreneurship, and information technology
  2. Gender articulations, issues on children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities in different contexts
  3. Perceptions of and human responses (adaptation and mitigation) to climate change, environmental threats and opportunities, costs and benefits of environmental protection and conservation
  4. Media, culture and society, and multiple forms of their convergences
  5.  Innovations and assessment in teaching, including language and communication studies
  6. Heritage (cultural, historical and natural) management; preserving and recording fragile heritage hubs
  7. Issues in land use, rural and urban development, and sustainable agriculture initiatives
  8. Critical understanding of the history of South Asian thoughts, languages and philosophies

Services and Resources

Office of Faculty Research offers the following services and resources in order to pursue its vision of developing ULAB as a research-based university

  • Faculty Research Grant
  • Capacity developing through workshops on proposal writing and research methodology
  • Guiding the faculty in the process of proposal writing, report writing and fund hunting
  • Enhancing the quality of faculty publications (indexing databases)
  • Predatory journal alert
  • Ensuring the originality of knowledge (management of Turnitin Originality Checker)
  • Notifying faculty about funding opportunities by developing a grants database
  • Cash and kind incentives scheme for quality publications
  • Interdisciplinary Seminar Series
  • Young Researcher’s Pool
  • Developing and regularly updating a database on faculty areas of specialization in research and publications

Office of Faculty Research Members

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.