CSE 303

Course Code: CSE 303
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Database Management System
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Detailed Syllabus:

Overview: Definition of DMBS, types of DBMS, advantage & disadvantages, applications. Data

Model: ER Model, Relational Model Integrates Constraints. FD Constraints. Assertions, figures.

Database Design: Logical database design, physical database design; data storage device & data format.

File organization: Sequential file organization, Indexed file organization, direct file organization; hashing methods searching: sequential search, indexed search; reporting: Simple and complex report.

Relational Database design: Relational model, normalization, relational database design; relational query language: SQL. Query Processing, Query optimization, Database Administration: Functions: Standards, Security integrity, recovery; Concurrency control; coordination’s ; quality control: tuning and performance.

Multiple file databases: General considerations, designing the files, data entry and consistency data updating, tools for complex database manipulations. Object oriented database design.
Other types of DBMS: Network database, hierarchical database, text-oriented database, graphic-oriented database. Real time database intelligent database.

Programming: Common programming applications, important programming attributes: access to database records and fields; sorting searching, transactions among files, procedures and functions, reporting: Standard, complex, customized etc, structured aspects, variables and arrays; Handling database based on relations, network, hierarchical model; Programming projects: Create projects using menu builder, screen builder, form builder, report builder etc. Object oriented database programming.