ULAB Reward Policy for Research and Publications


ULAB strongly encourages its faculty to engage in research and publish in recognized international journals/publishers. At the same time, ULAB highly appreciates the efforts of its faculty in achieving research grants from national and international fund providers. The current reward scheme aims at honoring the efforts of outstanding researchers and recognizing the quality of work they perform while working at ULAB.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must have published his/her article/book/patent during employment/affiliation at ULAB.
  • The same scholarly work/publication cannot be submitted more than once. Articles/ books are catalogued as “forthcoming” will not be eligible for reward.
  • Journal articles should be indexed in one or more of the following databases:
    • Web of science (WoS),
    • Scopus
  • A Book and “Article type” which is either “full paper”, or “review” or “note” publications are considered for rewards. Publications under “Letters to the Editor”, “Editorial”, “Case-study report”, Communicates, etc. are not qualified for rewards.
  • In case of joint authorship, the reward will be calculated in the following way:
  • Co-author

    60% for the first author and/or senior author
    40% for the second author

    Two co-authors

    50% for the first author and/or senior author
    30% for the second author
    20% for the third author

    Three co-authors

    40% for the first author and/or senior author
    30% for the second author
    20% for the third author
    10% for the fourth author

    More than three co-authors

    35% for the first author and/or senior author
    25% for the second author
    20% for the third author
    20% is distributed among the other authors equally

Reward Structure

Item TypeIncentive (Points)Cash reward/publications fee [any one]
Journal Articles

Web of Science indexed


200USD300Up toUSD300

Scopus indexed


100USD 200USD200 

Non-Indexed, but peer reviewed

[Ref: Reward Validation Committee]

Book ChaptersPublisher indexed in Clarivate (Web of Science)
50USD 200
Local/ non-recognized international publishers
[Ref: Reward Validation Committee]
Conference ProceedingsISI/Scopus indexed50
[Ref: Reward Validation Committee]
Full-length Research BookPublisher indexed in Clarivate (Web of Science)

Up to

USD 500

Local (by recognized academic publishers those follow a peer-review procedure)
[Ref: Reward Validation Committee]
Research GrantsInternational (over USD 50,000)300One course waiver
International (10,000-50,000 USD)200One course waiver
International (below USD 10,000)100
Local (over 10 Lac)200One course waiver
Local (5 Lac- 10 Lac)100
Local (below 5 Lac)50
ULAB Research GrantsCollaborative research (research cost is shared with other institutions)100
ULAB Grant only50
PatentSubmitted through ULAB Patent committee300USD 300

Reward for a given article that has been cited intensively (at least 15 times, for science, engineering and health and 10 times for other disciplines), will be according to following table:

Number of Citation per articleReward (USD)
More than 50300


Claim Calculation And Validation

    • A point is awarded a monetary value determined by the amount of money left in the pool and the number of applications and points scored. That is, the sum rewarded shifts from year to year according to research activity. For example, in year 1 a Faculty member scores 350, a point is worth USD 3 (because of the amount of money available in the research pool), which means the faculty will receive USD 1050 from the Index. In year 2, the Faculty member earns 200 points but the point is only worth USD 2 (lesser fund available in the pool) and will receive USD 400.
    • If there is a non-consensus about the status of the publisher (in case of Books and Book Chapters) between the author and the Research Office, Claim Validation Committee will advise.
    • Course waiver reward is always subject to justification, meaning, the grant recipient has to explain why a waiver is necessary to accomplish the research within deadline.
    • Publications/grants incentive points can only be encashed on ULAB approved academic activities like further research, publications fees, presenting at conferences and so on.
    • Cash reward will not be provided if the faculty needs a publications fee.

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.