Team Members

Executive Committee

Director, Office of Faculty Research

Din M. Sumon Rahman, PhD 
Professor, School of Social Science

Coordinator, Office of Faculty Research

Nafees Mansoor, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Science and Engineering


Advisory Committee

Abul Kalam Al Azad, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Science and Engineering

Sarkar Barbaq  Quarmal, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Social Science

Asif Uddin Ahmed
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Shubhankar Shil
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Sarker Hasan Al Zayed
Assistant Professor, School of Arts and Humanities

Rigan Chakma
Lecturer, General Education Program


Ethical Review Board

Muhammad Ibrahim, PhD
Professor & Head, General Education Program

Shamsad Mortuza, PhD
Professor & Head, Department of English

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