Ongoing Projects

Research Title: Synthetic Analysis of Tripura-Bangla Code-switching: A case study of internal colonization in indigenous Community of Bangladesh
Investigators: Md. Muntasir Mamun and Tanzia Siddiqua

Research Title: Design and Fabrication of a textile antenna for Wearable Technology
Investigators: Mirza Rasheduzzaman, Khaleda Ali

Research Title: Selling Tobacco to the Bangladeshi youth: Marketing communication strategies and their impact
Investigators: Sarkar Barbaq Quarmal, Marium Akhter, Prof. Jude Genilo

Research Title: Lost in Translation: Making sense of Bangla phrases and idiom
Investigators: Arifa Ghani Rahman, Shamsad Mortuza

Research Title: Literature on the side: A critical and historical study of little magazines in English and the literary supplements of English language newspapers
Investigators: Kaiser Haq, Shamsad Mortuza, Arifa Ghani Rahman, Shanewaz Kabir

Research Title: Discrimination faced by minority enterpreneurs in Bangladesh
Investigators: Niaz Patwary, Parvez Mahmudul, Rigan Chakma

Research Title: Communication relation and the Pakistan state, East Pakistan 1947-1955
Investigators: Azzizul Islam Rasel, Afsana Anjum

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