Interdisciplinary Seminar Series

An Interdisciplinary Seminar Series was organized by the Office of Faculty Research at the Seminar Room of Campus B, where the first seminar of the series was held on March 9, 2018. Eminent writer and medical anthropologist Dr. Shahaduz Zaman, a Research Fellow in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Glasgow, UK, was the speaker at this seminar. Dr. Zaman’s speech was titled “Interdisciplinary Perspective: Death and Dying as a Case”. Professor Imran Rahman, who initiated the talk, delivered the welcome speech where he expressed his willingness to organize such seminars on a regular basis as they are motivating to students.

Dr. Zaman discussed the traditional, modern, and postmodern concepts of death and dying, drawing on perspectives from biology, anthropology, literature, film, painting, sociology, and politics. Taking death and dying as a case, the speaker demonstrated how our understanding of a phenomenon could be enhanced by cross-fertilization of different disciplinary perspectives. The seminar concluded with a vote of thanks by Professor Sumon Rahman and the presentation of a crest and gift bag to the speaker.

The second seminar of the Interdisciplinary Seminar Series was held on March 12, 2018, in the auditorium of Campus A. Titled “War, Ethics and Neuroscience”, the seminar was conducted by Dr. Garga Chatterjee who is currently working as a Neurosurgeon of the Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta.

The talk began with the introduction of the speaker by Vice-Chancellor Professor Jahirul Haque. The Director of the Office of Faculty Research, Professor Sumon Rahman, delivered the vote of thanks.

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